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Durable waterproof stripes proven to help deter shark attacks

Adheres to the surface of: kayaks, canoes, surfboards, paddleboards, boogieboards & floats!


Did you know sharks are color blind?

Sharks only have one type of photoreceptor in their retinas which essentially means they only see in 'black and white'. Applying a simple striped pattern to the bottom of your watercraft interrupts and confuses a sharks visual senses, and differentiates YOU, from their usual prey.  Although simple, high contrast striping has been proven an effective aid in deterring sharks.


Durable Waterproof strips easily adhere to & around ANY shaped float, boat, or watersports board.


Versatile & Simple To Apply


Clean and dry surface


Carefully peel and apply adhesive stripes in an alternating pattern.  


Trim to fit.  

Shark-it (Original)
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Hand Crafted in cape cod, Mass

My husband and I have both spent the majority of our lives on the cape and have encountered quite a few sharks.  While sharks are not primarily interested in humans, attacks along the east coast happen every year. The black and white pattern is not a new idea,  You've probably seen expensive wet suits and full size stickers online. In truth, it's been around and used for hundreds of years by the Abalone-an spear fishermen to deter sharks. What we are offering is an inexpensive, easy application and go kit that does the same thing.  We love the ocean and want you to want to be at the beach, in the water and enjoying your favorite water sports free of fear.  Of course there are no guarantees with wild animals, but rest assured with Shark-it, you won't look like a seal out there!    We really hope it can start to make a difference :)

Much love and safety to everyone, 

Kat & Eddie